Party Time

We slept in quite a bit on Saturday.  I think the girls were awake, but they stayed in bed and chatted.   I started a new book, and got sucked right in.  We had a late pancake breakfast, and then I did laundry, and showered while the girls went for a walk around our property.  It was a gorgeous day. 

We snacked a bit, and got read to go into town for Sugar's small party.  She invited her cousins, and 3 friends from her new school.  It was a hard decision to figure out who all to invite to this small party, but we both realized it was best for her to invite friends from her new school, so that she get used to doing things with them outside of school.  It turned out GREAT, and everyone had a wonderful time making personalized wooden signs for their bedrooms.  Each girl had come up with a quote the week previous, so that the quotes would be there and ready for them to paint onto their sign.  See the extra photo for the finished products.  

It was a bit surprising to find such perfectionists in this group.  There was also quite a bit of self doubt, and they were very hard on themselves.  I spent the entire time reminding them to be kind to themselves, and enjoy the process.  

After the party, Sugar's friend went home, and Sugar and I watched some ONCE episodes.  Then it was dinner and bedtime where we both stayed up reading wayyyyyy too long.

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