Strike a light!

I did a very silly thing today, but at least I got a Blip out of it!

Mrs M had walked down to the town for a class, and as usual I said I'd drive down to bring her back if it was very wet. Well when it was time to go it was snowing hard, so I set off carefully down the road, stopping to take this photograph and pass the time of day with my neighbour who was brushing his step.

I continued very gingerly in first gear, but found the car sliding and as there was nothing I could do careered down the hill and across the cross roads. Fortunately there was nobody coming! I missed the van where two gas men were having their tea-break and slammed into a lamp post, knocking it out of line and breaking off the light at the top! I was very lucky as had there been no lamp post to break my speed I would have gone straight into the stone wall of a house!

You can see where I'd come from and the site of the prang in my extras. The road ahead isn't quite as steep as it looks as it was a slightly zoomed picture.  As I often say, there's never a day when you can't find a Blip somewhere! Now I must go and confess to the council!

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