Today we drove down to Torrevieja to vote for the president of Finland. I have to say that I feel grateful to come from a country where the democracy is so strong that you are able to vote abroad with your drivers license or passport.

The whole voting trip took us about 2,5 hours, so it really felt like doing something big. In Finland the voting usually takes about 10 minutes, so it's over quickly. 

485 people voted in Torrevieja today in 4 hours (last presidential election 6 years ago it was 339 the first day and 900 in total). there was 6 people working on the voting station. There's only 4 places to vote in continental Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Torrevieja and Fuengirola. Do you guess where the Finns lodge in continental Spain? :-)

Early this evening I went to ask something quick from the Welsh ladies and ended up chatting there for almost 2 hours. They are just so smart and funny and interesting and lovely people. And their home is stunning. Why do I have 3 dogs that make a mess? Why????

Picture is from the salt lagoons of Santa Pola taken from a car window while passing them.

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