By HeidiHH


If you are wondering Minnie Mouse is still intact. And Buddha and Amadeus are playing with her daily. I guess as they have gotten older they don't have the "kill it" wish that strong anymore.

I woke up today with a slight headache. I think I slept in bad position last night and changed my position because of that. But it's very vague memory. Anyway I was bit weary all morning. Got nothing done. Absolutely nothing. Then I decided I have to do something to get my energy up so I went for my fast walk / jog over the Clot. And the pain hit me after again. So I spent some time online and now I think I have the Piriformis syndrome (a form of sciatica) on my right side.

Quick consult with my favorite doctor in Wales suffering influenza and she thinks I might be right. So then some online digging and I found some exercise routines (stretches and such) that I can try to get rid of the pain. So that I will try tomorrow. I already did some foam rolling exercises that also are supposed to help with this syndrome.

Summa summarum: not easy trying to get healthier. New forms of syndromes and pains all the time. "Kids, do not try this at home!"

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