By HeidiHH


Morning sky - once again :-)

Today I made a throw blanket of the pieces I cut yesterday. It's not the best looking, but it's made of scrap pieces of the scrap pieces, so it's at least usable. Keeps feet warm on a cold night. You can see the both sides here:

What else....
Oh I bought 2 sets of 30-day-challenge cards from Lidl. One is for yoga which I do anyways, but not enough. I get bored easily... And the other one for being present and relaxing. I don't really have any problems with that, but I thought it would be good for my Spanish vocabulary. Both of them. So I need to read one card of each every day. And act according the suggestion. So today I have done some breathing and basic starting pose for yoga and then I did 60 min Ashtanga yoga. So it did get me started :-D

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