By HeidiHH


Neighborhood corner in the evening sun. 

Today I've been going through my scrap fabric boxes. I've been cutting out pieces for a blanket and dusting and the unusable pieces went to garbage. Also delivered a bag of usable clothes to charity. So I'm continuing my cleaning the closets (the two we have) phase. Amazing how much stuff can just appear. There must be some kind of elves that deliver it during the night. I'm so anti shopping and still there's so much stuff! Something is wrong in this equation.

My Welsh ladies who are in Wales at the moment are both down with influenza. I'm happy to know they have neighbors and family to bring them food and medicine. They told me that "don't meet anyone fresh from the plane, we do not want you to catch this".

Spend some time with Jen today too. We sat in their yard in the sun. Very nice. "Bore da" (our fav house salesman) came by for a chat. (He's been studying and working in Wales hence the name.) The guy is a lawyer but can't get that kind of jobs in UK where he got his degree, but also it's not usable in Spain. He is Spanish. He sells houses for the developer without commission for 1000€ / month. He just sold a 300 000€ house and for that he got a commission: 200€, as a bonus. Disgusting how people are treated. Life is not fair nor easy for most. Just to compare a starting salary for a nurse out of nursing school is 800€. That is minimum wage. Most people seem to make only bare minimum here. It makes me so sad.

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