I've blipped this view before but today it sums up some things that suggest things are going a little more's ordered and neat!

2 books to do with study as this area can be my 'office' especially when I get a bit chilly. The blanket is made locally and I love it as it has a bit of a retro feel about it. All the pictures above the bed are either my photos from past travels or lovely artworks which have been received as gifts...the Banksy is not an original btw :-)

I discovered that Damien Hirst's Verity sculpture was made very close to here and 40 castings were why didn't I find that out earlier....would have made a great blip watching them load it onto the lorry a the weekend...I know it is a bit controversial but I quite like it and at some stage I hope to go and see it in situ...
Just to keep my journal balanced I'll stick a link here of a man who is not sitting on the fence with this one

Today seems to have been a good one and I'm glad to not be driving back late again....

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