Get Well Soon Toffee ...


When I woke up this morning Toffee was sitting outside her food bowl, "Morning Toffee" I said, but she didnt come to see me as she usually does.

I noticed she was breathing quite heavy almost panting, she felt cold, so I picked her up and took her into the living room, I noticed she also felt lighter and looks a little thinner.

I started to cry as she layed on my chest and I cupped my hands around her to keep her warm. I hope she doesnt die she is my little star, she always listens to me when I need an ear. and brings me so much pleasure.

I havent bothered taking her to the vets as we took one of our other hamsters there before and there isnt alot the vet can do for them as they are so little.

I will try and catch up with commenting later as I will be nursing Toffee.

I hope you feel better soon Toffee, and I am glad you enjoyed the honey I gave you earlier x

Have a great weeknd all, enjoy ...

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