A very cold day today. After a very windy start to the day things calmed down thankfully. I was awoken this morning at around 4.00 with the very high winds as I heard a lot of bangs and clatters , I wondered what it was at 1st then realised that it  was wheelie bins getting blown about and falling over. Thankfully I settled back down and manged to go back to sleep till my alarm went off at 6.00.
On the way to work the street was littered with wheelie bins allover the place just like someone had been domino toppling.
This evening after work i took a quick walk in the local park in search of a blip. I didn't stay out to long as it was very cold just long enough to take a couple of shots. I decided to go with this mono shot of the benches with a spot of colour popping of the light.
Hope your all safe after the high winds all the best and happy snapping 

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