Plus ça change...

By SooB


When Mr B is home during the week, I have fallen into the habit of cooking a proper lunch (which I almost never do on my own, just surviving on leftovers until himself returns).  And, lately, it's tended to be a salad based thing.  This is a bunch of lettuce, with shredded beetroot, roast squash, roast tomatoes (added later), pumpkin seeds, bread and slightly pickled red onions.  Delicious.

More data work, including an interview with my client when he managed to get out of bed, during which he commented that "this is like being questioned by a lawyer".  "Thanks" I replied happily.  "Not in a good way" he retorted.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I need to work more on my lawyer/human switch.

Later, some shopping.  Still to come, the arrival of Mr B and CarbBoy from basketball training, and a raclette dinner to balance out the healthiness of lunch.  (It's the re-gift that keeps on giving....)

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