New Toy

This is one of the first photos taken with my new toy, a Panasonic DC-G9, the latest in the Micro 4/3 offerings of Panasonic. I've been waiting for this one. I am almost 100% a stills photographer and the GH5 that came out last year is mostly aimed at video photographers. So I waited. This new baby is coming with me to Africa next summer. 

Other than that it's been a quiet day in Bellingham. I intended to clean the house. Did I? Nope. But I did do some shopping on the way home from picking up my camera at the UPS store. I went to Costco and bought food for Sunday's duplicate bridge group meeting at my house. Now all I have to do is the aforementioned cleaning of the house and figuring out where to put the third bridge table. The space in my bedroom is really tight so I may have to come up with a creative solution to having three tables that aren't near enough for players to hear or see what's going on at tables other than their own. I can worry about that tomorrow. Today I've been relaxing. Feels good.

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