By Hanulli

A fairy tale

Fairies are not easy to capture. 
They are smal and quick and appear only on Saturdays between 10pm and midnight. To calm them down you can use a torch, which you fill with tiny pink pearls. The magical white horses love to lay down there. They are the faithful companions of the fairies and with some luck, the magical tiny fairies appear, too. A second torch will help to show a little bit more of their beauty and a double exposure (turn to blurred and a large aperture) will create their magical gloom.
And the best is, that this fairies let your bad mood disappear and conjure a smile on your lips :-))

Thank you, Marcus for the very creative challenge Experimental Photography EP10 with the theme: "magical lights". It is fun :-))

For those who have problems with tagged entries for TiPS, please have a look at my blip of tomorrow. I've an idea to get the problem handeled.

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