Faulty tags

I noticed, that there is a problem with faulty tags. 
Some tagged entries for TiPS are not shown in the gallery. Obviously it is a more often occuring fault. So please control, if your entries are observable.
If you miss your entry, please write a note here in the comments
A link to your blip would be perfect, but I can add this, too.
Let's make sure, that we do not miss any of your wonderful creations!
I will tag this blip to all the next TiPS, until the problem is solved. 
So it is easy to find.

If you have the problem with a tag, you've added, try this:
Remove the faulty tag. Save changes. Go into the entry again. Add tag once again. Save changes. Now it should work!

You can find the current tag here in the newest (first) entry

I hope I get the results sorted until Wednesday 
(I will be out of blip because of a travel to a funeral in Munich)

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