By Hanulli

Mono Monday: Fantasy

Oh, what a brilliant theme :-)
As some of you already know: 
My family and my little companions suffer now and then from my insane ideas. Today my daughter T. was my blip-victim. 
Last week we couldn't resist to buy a Venetian mask for carnival. There are no Venetian clothes in our house to find, but an Indian Sari... and a gun for pirates. But I couldn't find the gloves of Santa Claus :-P
With very professional studio  conditions ( hahaha, one lamp and a black blanket, jamed into the window) we started to play. What a fun it was! 
When I used my little torch to get some light to T.'s eye, she grabbed it and started to play and sing this song. She also asked for a book...
Do you recognize what she is acting in the second extra?
T. can't speak and needs a lot of help, but she always amazes me with her blooming fantasy!!!

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