New orchid

Sunday 21st January 2018 (1972)(-3)

A quick snap of my new orchid just before I went to bed, otherwise it would have been another missed blip. I put this in my trolley yesterday, as it was a big shop I didn't think I would notice! 

Despite the fact that it was pouring with icy rain, the walking group would not be deterred from undertaking the first walk of the year this afternoon, even though we all agreed it was madness! We got soaked and cold but we still managed to enjoy it and it was good to get some fresh air and exercise. I tried to take a picture on my phone but even that objected to the cold and damp and wouldn't work. We finished, as always, with a meal. On the whole the meal was ok but two dishes were sadly lacking. They had run out of onions, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. I would have thought they were essential ingredients in any kitchen. As it was only 4.30pm and they didn't close until 11.30pm I think there might be a few disappointed customers. We did end up with a free round of drinks out of it eventually.    

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