By Bom

Mono Monday - Fantasy

It is now six months since the rumours about the virus started and two months since we were finally told the truth. The Cyber War, started by New Zealand of all places, quickly spread to all corners of the globe and wiped out all machines using a silicon chip - which is just about everything. Chaos spread rapidly, but bizarrely people have now woken up, as if out of a stupor, and are beginning to find happiness again in the simple things in life like a walk in the country with their dog or their kids.

[Ok, so I took the photo on a walk this morning at Blickling with G and A and was trying to fit it to the theme of Fantasy - thanks to Skeena for hosting].

Be a Pretty Housewife (1957)

Tip No.10  A stern reminder to all housewives! If you share the mid-day meal with the children, there's no need to share the potatoes and the pudding. An energy-giving lunch, quickly made, is a generous helping of raw salad with brown bread and butter and a glass of milk. Pour yoghourt over the salad instead of dressing. If you've a teenage daughter showing signs of puppy-fat, encourage her to join you in this health-giving, figure slimming meal.

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