Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Winter Blossom

After a really drab weekend it was lovely to feel the sun on my body today.  I had planned a DIY day, running some coaxial table to the kitchen from the aerial to provide a signal for the TV.  I was thwarted by the risk of drilling through electric cable so I ordered a cable detector, which arrived this evening.  I find it quite amazing that you can order an item over the internet and it is delivered within 8 hours.

While I was waiting, I attempted to get a PAC code from my current mobile phone provider, so I could take advantage of an offer to move contract, which will save me almost half the current monthly cost of the phone.  I began to wonder if it was worth it after 50 minutes on the phone.  I certainly don't want to suggest blame but the combination of well crafted scripts to try and retain you; a muffled line and the thick accent of the person I was speaking to all combined to make the experience less than ideal.  In the end there was success, and I remained calm and respectful throughout the experience, so much so the person thanked me for being so patient (but I did wonder whether his computer prompted him to do it?).

To an extent it made me smile. As you may know I'm one of the people who responds to support requests to Blipfoto, so I have experience of the boot being on the other foot.  At least we only use email to converse and invariably people are polite, patient and thankful for our efforts.

Anyway, we have a winter flowering cherry in the front garden and it is currently in blossom.  I just felt it was an appropriately colourful image to brighten up the day.

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