Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Sunrise, Wash Brook Pool

Decidedly chilly with a keen wind first thing this morning for a walk.  The moon might be waning, but as I started out it was just above the tree line and looking pretty large.  Maybe a slightly less super moon.

With the lack of cloud I was guaranteed a sunrise and despite the wind there were good reflections on Wash Brook Pool.  I was glad I was wearing wellingtons as it was the only way I could get this close to the water's edge.  No dropping a battery this time; today it was my filter case!  Thankfully it isn't something you are going to miss falling out of your pocket, though it did get a little wet so is now above the radiator in the kitchen.

Technical:  A 2 stop hard grad filter on the lens to control the light.  A single exposure, so I was quite chuffed to get all of the exposure within the dynamic range of the camera.  I've started using Color Efex Pro and the tonal contrast preset on some of my images and did so in this case.  I feel it helps for high contrast scenes. 

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