Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Mono Monday - Hope (Anticipation)

Challenges really help when you're short of inspiration during the day, or rather in my case you didn't get around to taking a photograph until way passed sunset!  Thanks to the organisers for providing a never ending opportunity to challenge your ability.

This is also a reference to a film.  Please don't say what it is, so that everyone can enjoy the extra little quiz around the entry.  If you know, great, but for those that don't a little bit of thought might just dredge it up from the back of your mind.  I have to admit that these days I have to do an awful lot of dredging, if only to remember the word I was about to use in a sentence. For some reason it's more common than ever that my mind just won't give it up without a fight!.

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