A bit of this. Whilst listening to the radio and some podcasts. What’s this latest UKIP leader like with his 25 year old girlfriend. He doesn’t believe she really meant what she said, haha. You’ve got to love our right wing extremists here; they’re really so sweet compared to those scary fascists in Eastern Europe. I was also amazed to hear how many homicides there are in Brazil. Sixty five thousand in one year. That’s like a war, surely. And I thought it was all happy carnival dancing.
Meant to say I’d taken in a viewing of Britannia on Sky Atlantic. It might turn out to be preposterous boring tosh.
Out later to meet the senior citizens of the FCYC up at the Olde Pishpot at Davidson’s Mains. Home to find the SK in a happy place - she was able to cast NowTV to wir TV without any need for the PS4. And booked scuba diving too! I should go out more often.

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