'sno problem

Last time I was heading to Heathrow, it was strong winds. This time it was snow showers. They didn't delay us in the end but I pushed back on the idea of leaving Cambridge earlier than planned so as not to miss seeing Berry and Helen in the morning. Slightly cheeky.

A group of us are travelling to Kenya for our Africa regional meeting, joining team members there. We piled into a taxi to the airport as it was more cost-effective than individual train tickets. As we moved through security it struck me that between us we've covered some miles and seen a lot of the world. Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Nepal. And these represent only a few of the adventurous places that my colleagues have lived. We're never very far away from an outlandish anecdote about scrapes and shenanigans in the back end of nowhere. Here we are in a bus at the Nairobi end.

One of the drawbacks of being on leave earlier in January was squeezing myself on a deadline that is due just after this week-long meeting. Panic is rising, but I just have to carve out time to work on it around the fringes. A shame as I would ideally be chatting to colleagues who are coming from Guinea, Liberia, Uganda and various other countries. It's going to be a rip-roaring week, but I must be disciplined.

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