The tomatoes and spinach are mine, and I picked the blackberries from beside a local road.

The spinach went into my dinner along with a few tomatoes. The larger ones taste like tomatoes should but the small ones not so much.

I run past the blackberries and the heat is ripening them early this year. My arms and legs are scratched and irritated from blackberry prickles and gorse but it was worth it :-)

Mum bought me the basket from a cool shop that is no more, Retropolitan. She thought it would be useful at my old place to carry things up and down the stairs. Mostly I forgot about the basket. I'm glad I didn't jettison it like I usually do witj stuff I don't use.

When I spoke to Dad today I reminded him how we picked wild blackberries when I was growing up. Mum stewed them with apple and we had them in pies and crumbles. I'm not sure what I'll do with these but they'll be fine in the fridge for a day or 2.

Dad is tired and his day was long. Hospitals and appointments are like that.

Today's gratitude: For living in a land of plenty.

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