String of lights (from Arenales del Sol) on our evening walk. Part of the walk is lit by moon light only. We literally walk in pitch dark if the moon is not up or not shiny enough. Some people walk there with lamps on their foreheads. We haven't joined that lot - yet.

I actually sewed together all the 4 dresses I cut yesterday. I didn't have time to take decent pictures of any as the sun went down, so that'll hopefully happen tomorrow.

We also had construction guys finally fixing our high ceiling lamp (switch) that got the put on in early December, but didn't work. Lamp was done okay, but it didn't light up.  So now we have the proper switches but that wasn't enough to make it work. They also had to fix something behind our fridge and in an electricity center that we have, so it was initially done very poorly, but now working and hopefully not burning down the house. If you have heard the phrase "Spain is different" these sort of thing is what they mean ;-)

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