Finally we had a sunny and quite warm day. Windy but warm. Thermometer rose to 20°C!

I took a long walk with Stina around the Clot this morning and then we sat by the bird ponds for an hour at least.

Unfortunately Nelson took a turn to worse and we took him to the vet's again. As we suspected, he had fever. He's also lost 0,5 kilos of weight. He's not eating properly. Just little portions. So he got couple of shots. One for vitamins to help recover and another for pain and getting the fever down. We also got some pills to continue to fight the fever and pain. If he doesn't get worse we'll see the vet on Wednesday.

Oh, and I need to take his temperature from him bum to monitor the fever. Never done that. Nor do I want to do that!  So it will wait until tomorrow. Now we'll let him (and I) rest.

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