Another weird weather day.
It was 15,5°C in the morning at 8 am. It was the lowest of the night. In the afternoon when we went out again with the dogs it was down to 13°C! It was supposed to wind hard all day long, but at afternoon there's was no wind at all. I washed all the bedding hoping that I could do a third load too, but had to leave that for tomorrow as the wind just disappeared. 

Very grey day even if it was supposed to shine. Hopefully it will shine tomorrow. With all these clouds all day long and so far not a drop of water.

Nelson seemed to be doing better all day, but now towards the evening we think he might have bit of fever. He didn't finish his supper (of soft food) so if that is the situation tomorrow morning as well, I'll take him to the vet's again. He's sleeping now, but we still need to go take a quick evening pee with all of them.

I have 6 throw pillows on the couch. 3 of which are new. I though that I'd leave 3 older ones for Buddha to sleep on. (He always sleeps on the pillows or between them.) But naturally he's sleeping on top of the new pillows. Naturally.

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