What a day - weather wise!

After yesterday's (and most of January) arctic cold  winds today we have had stormy winds and warmth. Thermometer got up to 20°c and the north west wind we have is warm! After colorful morning it's been some sunshine and then really murky clouds, but not a drop of rain. And the oddest thing is that night will be warm. Lowest at 13°C which about 10 degrees more than usually and as high as it got all of yesterday. Very weird and makes dressing according the weather nearly impossible. I walked to the grocery store and was sweating all over and I thought when leaving that I might get cold in the wind.

I went to the shops to buy new pillows (inner pillow (no idea what it might be called in any language)) and made new quilted cases for them.

The other one (just like the new sofa cover) actually has pockets in it. in case one wants to put a remote or a candy bag in there ;-)

BTWm from my American friends I wanna ask do you recognize the word "settee"? All the Welsh here seem to use that one all the time and it took me year and half to understand what it meant 100% and that happened with a help of a fellow blipper who used the word in a blip. So I'm wondering about the word. Is that world wide or just in western Europe. And if anyone from NZ or Australia is reading this, what about over there? Do you use or understand the word? 

My English and Welsh neighbors say that I sound American. I wonder if it's the words I use (American TV & music)  or that I can't use sophisticated vocabulary or that I literally sound in accent more American. 

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