But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

The River Esk.

I wandered down to one of my old haunts from the days when we had adventurous dogs and stopped near a place known as Lovers’ Leap. There’s a low waterfall there that is still quite impressive, especially after the rain we’ve had recently. While I was concentrating on the wider picture, I noticed the little stream – probably just run-off from a field – running into the main flow.
Once I had cloned out all the dead sticks it looked quite attractive; removing them to "get it right in camera" wasn’t an easy option as it would involve either wet feet or a mile walk to get there, and then I’d have to get back and that would be when I noticed that I’d missed a bit. There was also the ethical point that the rotting debris was a part of the natural habitat and should be left in situ.
Lovers’ Leap itself consists of a rocky bank from which a young athletic Lothario could jump the six foot gap to a large boulder in the river, then a similar gap to a second boulder and from there onto the far bank. I wouldn’t consider trying the feat myself; the fall to the river bed would be quite painful.

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