Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Waterside Trees

The best forecast of the week had me donning walking boots and heading out over the Chase.  Despite living close to this area for all my life I keep finding new paths and areas to explore.  On this occasion it was a track running alongside Beaudesert Golf Club.  Made me quite wish for a club in my hand.  The names of locations are becoming better known to me and I also walked along the quaintly named Miflin's Valley.

Despite clear sky above it took until about 10:00 am for the sun to break through.  I just happened to be near Stonybrook Pools when this happened, complete with the remnants of some of the early mist to provide these crepuscular rays, breaking through the tree canopy.  

Afterwards we booked a holiday for May, one of our most adventurous ever.  Can't wait!

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