By TonyG

Meanwhile ...

.... out in the garden things are beginning to move.

The bulbs under cold glass have been producing new flowers on and off all winter.  Now, as January draws to a close there is some colour showing beyond the white of the snowdrops.  Iris histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' is just the most delicious shade of blue, almost Gentian blue and elsewhere there are cyclamen in shades of pink.  

A long meeting today around Jamie's education and health.  The government's drive to ensure every child maximises their attendance is probably behind the decision that the school cannot meet Jamie's needs.  Just as his health begins to improve, the rope runs out and his place is taken from him to ensure the school can meet government attendance targets.  All done under the banner of 'doing what's best for Jamie.'   It may turn out that way in time but tonight we are all sad to be saying goodbye to a place where he was happy.

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