In praise of the corner (roundabout) shop

We have a very well-stocked corner (roundabout) shop. Today it surprised us once again with a supply of dining table candles at a sixth of the price of their nearest equivalent at John Lewis. The oranges that I have blipped are currently on display outside the shop.

I was up super-early to work some more on a journal manuscript. Five hours later (mid-morning) Mr hazelh and I went out for a run with Beryl and Sean. Then we popped out on the candle hunt.

Most of the afternoon was dedicated to working out how we will travel to a certain wedding next weekend, to my parents' house in Northumberland in April, to my in-laws' house in Chichester in May, and to a family party in Nottingham in June. We have discovered that not owning a car has a significant overhead in terms of working out the best means of using Mobility as a Service (or MaaS - my most recent acronym). Having paid for numerous taxis and train trips (Edinburgh to Newcastle for £6.80 when booked in advance!) I was released back into the study to continue work on the journal manuscript.

This evening we have been out for a drink together at the Other Place, where a plot has been hatched to cycle from the Outer Hebrides to Edinburgh in June (perhaps via Pitlochry...).

Now I am looking forward to supper of mussels and spaghetti.

Exercise today: run 3.5 miles in 43'28"; 14, 836 steps (including run).

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