nonsenses & truths

By sloeburn

On fire

The morning sun on the windows of these flats opposite me made it look like the whole building was burning inside.

I'm not sure how long it takes to make a 'routine', but for the third Saturday in a row I've had a little lie-in (an hour later than usual), with time for breakfast (my basic version of huevos rancheros) then off to Bradford to do bike tinkering.  I think it's a rather fine way to spend a Saturday, and they close at 3 pm so still plenty of time for other things; today I filled up at the supermarket on the way home and did lots of preparatory food stuff for the week ahead. 

The fettling was good too, they are very quiet so there was no queue of bikes to be worked on, so I got to pick a donated mountain bike, filled with potential, to work on.  I would have loved to have finished it but I'm too slow for that.  But I cleaned it up so that it looks much more sell-able, took off the crap bits (chain and lock) and serviced the bottom bracket.  If it's still there next week hopefully I can finish it off.

Whilst seeing to the bottom bracket I managed to get a metal now I have provided Jen with some first aider practice and an entry in the accident book.  If only I had cycled there I would have had my puncture repair kit and hence a pair of tweezers about my person, and it could have been 'unofficial'; as it was Jess routinely carries a pair of forceps about her person (I have no idea) and these were sufficient.

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