nonsenses & truths

By sloeburn


First cycle in quite a while.  I woke up (some time before the alarm, I always do) and remembered that I can leave a good 20 minutes later by bike than by bus, which would give enough time to rearrange my daily luggage in panniers and pump up the tyres, not to mention start (if not finish) that second cup of tea.  It was a good day to chose as it was not only clear and dry but also mild, an unusual combination in January.

The quality of the photo is awful, as it was still fairly gloomy (you can see my lights were still on).  Behind are some of the bike lockers at work, the allocation of which seems entirely random but I was in the right place at the right time.  Some others pay an annual charge of £5 for the privilege but I have escaped even that.

Following on from yesterday's work-related frustrations, today one of the students asked me if I needed a hug.  Which I took to mean that I looked like I needed one.  At least it's Friday.

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