By Cr055ie

Afternoon in Horncastle

Dad wanted to take Mum for a drive today so decided to drive to see me.  I talked them into a little visit to Horncastle.  Mum used to love walking around our favourite junk shop in Horncastle, and today was no exception.  I was looking for some old beat up tea pots and the like to carry on with my still life ideas,   I found an old pewter kettle, the tap is missing and it is really dented and I love it.  I also got an old silver plated teapot with some nice detail on the lid and handles as well as a pattern in the metal which is beautiful and well worn.  Then three pottery items.
I might take a joint shot of them all and use it as a blip later in the week when I am struggling lol.

After Mum left I decided to take a little walk around some of the other shops and spent some time in this little second hand bookshop.  I had a thoroughly wonderful afternoon and had forgotten how much I used to love wandering around Horncastle when I lived near there.  None of my kids share my fascination of old junk, but that's fine.  It means I get to spend some quality time with my Mum or to meander on my own - a real guilty pleasure

I did buy three books for a quid from the shop .  A real bargain, all of them photography books.  If I get on decent idea from them they will have more than paid for themselves.  

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