By Cr055ie

Ring Pull

Well had a strange day really.  We were suppose to get a visit early this morning from our support worker.  Phil has a pre-med on Wednesday so she was calling to collect a key as she will be at ours when Mya gets home from school.  It just takes the pressure off a little.  Anyway mis communication between him indoors and our worker and she didn't arrive until early evening.

I went shopping for a few bits for Mya and hunted for a particular toy I wanted to take photographs of for Toy Tuesday.  Not saying what it is as I may take another photo for Tuesdays blip.

After dinner I decided to get a little ahead of myself and took some shots for Macro Monday - I needed a max of three and now have four I really like including this one of my drinks ring pull.  Did you guess what is was?  I also have a pic for Toy Tuesday and Water Wednesday all creative and created on my dining room table.

A very productive day all in all.

I have another problem with my car and the noise it's making is making me think it could be expensive.  So garage tomorrow and see what the damage is.

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