Fruit and veg barrow

The fruit and veg barrow has been in this location for as long as I’ve been in Maidstone, which is since 1976. I don’t think the same people run it although this chap has served there for many a year.

Plans for the day we’re changed in the morning as I had a late request to referee this afternoon. This was my first game for months having spent many Saturdays watching g referees I was keen to get back to blowing the whistle.

I shouldn’t have been so keen, as towards the end of the first half a tackles player crashed into my left knee causing it to hyperflex backwards. A complete accident damaged the inside ligaments leaving the knee painful and unstable.

End of game and end of refereeing this season. May be this is the time to retire. No decision yet, let’s see how long this takes to recover. Whatever, it may stop the running for a while but not the swimming at all and hopefully I’ll be able to continue with the 1000 mile walking challenge as soon as possible.

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