....a kind of therapy

By BrianWard

The Arsenal :)

As I've been busy this weekend, out on location(!), I thought it would be a good idea to document my main shooting arsenal.
Whilst I've really taken a shine to landscape photography, this weekend I've been solely occupied with sport - the Northern Counties Cross Country at Harewood House yesterday, and the Ferriby Ten Road Race today - my local clubs annual 10 mile race.

So, here we have my "essentials".
L to R -

35-100 f2.8 - a great all round lens (70-200mm equivalent field of view). Get in close for landscapes and super versatile for sport with a nice fast aperture to boot.

100-400 f4/6.3 - the big gun (200-800mm equivalent field of view). You need good light to use this beast. With a fairly slow maximum aperture, still, the results are superb! Also can be shot hand held if you can keep the shutter speed above 1/200th of a second at the 400mm end.

Panasonic Lumix GH5 - a micro four thirds, mirrorless camera, more noted for it's professional video options, but, none the less, a more than capable stills camera.
Battery Grip attached- essential for vertical, or portrait mode, shooting.

25 f1.7 - the nifty fifty (50mm equivalent field of view). Great when you want a super shallow depth of field.

8-18 f2.8/4 - the iconic landscape lens (16-36mm equivalent field of view). The Wide end is just SO wide, and the Tele end a super useful 36mm equivalent field of view, a great range to have in one lens, especially for landscapes.

Of course that's not the whole story, I've probably got far more kit than is good for the health, but, well, it keeps me off the streets at night ;)

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