3 Years

Apparently it is 3 years since I started blipping.  Amanda challenged me to do a year and I thought I would never do that but 3 years later here I am and it is part of my daily life.  Sometimes it is hard especially when  there is other stuff going on.  I love doing the Abstract and Silly Saturday Challenges.  They do make me think.  As everybody says Blip is such a lovely site - we share the highs and lows and ups and downs. of our fellow blippers.  I enjoy reading your journals and sharing your lives.

My blip today obviously celebrates my three years.  I had my three little owls ready to do something with and KG fetched me a stick from the garden for them to land on!!  I decided they needed a conversation so I have had fun playing.  
Another grey day but a bit brighter than of late

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