By deanna_pearce

Tea Pot

It was the church magazine collating this morning  and I went along.  All went well and home just after 10.00.  Prepared the meat for a pie tonight and left it to simmer.  MY new bobbin case arrived so I fitted that in and it works fine.  did some sewing and looked around for something to blip.  KG accompanied me and everything he said I had already blipped.   Finally we settled on the tea pot.  KG spent 6 weeks in Saudi Arabia during the Iran/Iraq War.  Fortunately for me I had picked the wrong place on the map and thought he was miles away from the troubles.  He actually told me he did very little during that 6 weeks as they were waiting for a part for the Tornado and decided to keep him out there until it arrived.  I think he only did a couple of days work in the whole 6 weeks.  This tea pot is one of the items he brought back with him.
It is a miserable wet dark day today. 

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