By deanna_pearce

Frosty Kingfisher

Well it was a frosty night and plenty of frost about this morning - I went into the garden after breakfast as I particularly wanted a frosty picture.  Of the many I took this was my favourite (and KG's).  Of course he is not a  real kingfisher just a garden ornament but he did look good with frost on his head.  (Looks better in large if you have he time)  About 10.30 we set off tot he dentist at Wotton as KG  needed his denture being altered.  He thought he might have to have an extraction but they managed to file it off and now the denture will be altered.  From there we went  to  Yate  and I did my Tesco shop in case I can't get out tomorrow
It was a beautiful sun shiny day if a little cold but I prefer bright adn cold to wet and mild .  


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