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By JohnRH

Roman Holiday

Those Blippers who are also my Facebook friends will know by now that we have arrived in Rome for a few days holiday. This morning after being accosted by a Roman Gladiator who demanded ten euros for his trouble (he didn't get it; after trying several times a few choice words from W sent him on his way) we visited the Baths of Caracalla and then headed off along the Appian Way. We had hoped to see some of the tombs along there but it is too spread out for a walking visit so we may have to do a tour another time. I calculated we walked over six miles and our feet certainly knew we had! A short rest at the hotel and then out to see the Pantheon (see extra).

Considering the sort of weather we are used to at home it is lovely here; I have just been in shirt sleeves all day and have caught a bit of sun but it's funny seeing the locals dressed up in layers, scarves and woolly hats!

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