Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

The Vatican

Today we walked up to the Vatican. The queues to get into St Peters were long and as we had been inside and visited the Vatican museum on our last trip here, we simply enjoyed viewing the buildings from the outside. Afterwards we had a coffee in a tiny Pasticceria that we had remembered from our last visit; two coffees and two delicious pastries for five euros, within 300 metres of St Peters; quite a bargain! In the afternoon we visited the remains of the stadium of Domitian, underneath the Piazza Navona, followed by a very welcome beer and glass of wine nearby.

The main shot is of St Peters taken from the Ponte Umberto as we approached this morning, and I've added a couple of extras of St Peters and a snack van outside the Law Courts. A cool start to the day, but it soon became sunny and warm once again.

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