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By JohnRH

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Many thanks for all the reaction to my blip yesterday; I'm currently riding high on the front page of 'Popular'!

This morning we went inside the Colosseum; we had previously only seen it from the outside. An impressive sight indeed, and sobering to think of all the bloodshed that took place over the hundreds of years it hosted games. The picture is of the Arch of Constantine taken from inside the Colosseum, with the Arch of Titus shown in the distance. At lunchtime we headed back to the Gelato parlour next to our hotel where we each had a cone containing three scoops of the most superb ice cream, and then this afternoon we visited the Forum and the Paletine hill. Another day of lots of walking, but we have seen all we wanted to see.

Apologies for not replying or commenting on other's journals - I'll catch up when we get home again.

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