The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Can you Spot the Technology.......


I am guessing that your initial reaction is no.

Have a seat and I'll explain.


In 2015 after a lovely wedding my new husband and I took a honeymoon trip to South Africa where....

we got on a massive plane which took us from London Heathrow to Jo'burg where we then connected to get to Cape Town.  On that trip we drove, took boat trips and I took a LOT of pictures.  This was all enabled by technology in travel, photography, maps and sat navs which gave us a tech enabled trip into an amazing array of nature and stunning scenery and wildlife.

Then today, when I got home from work I found that some of the pictures I recently viewed on my computer, sent to a printing company and order prints while paying online which leads to me this image, taken in colour then using software on my laptop changed to black and white.

Our lives are so intertwined with technology it's a challenge to find something specifically related to technology.

Technology helps make our world smaller and our memories more durable.

Thanks go to Skeena for hosting!

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