The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Losing my Mojo

30 days down - this is the longest I've managed to keep Blipfoto-ing since I joined in 2010.  I took a long break with my last blip being mid Feb 2017 and already I am slightly losing my mojo.

Not that I had it much.

I'm still a bit confused with the "social" aspect of blip.  In the time I've been gone I haven't seen any improvements with the forum functionality being basic and as it re-directs to another site, not very integrated with this main site.  The challenges are interesting but the tagging is ridiculously bad with photographs not always being indexed and then the actual order of the pictures in the collection seems completely arbitrary with the same people having their images on page 1 even if you are the newest image - even when the tagging works I'm on page 5 which actually limits the interaction/ critiquing/ hints and tips that you can get from interaction on a site such as this.

This sounds like a moan but it really isn't meant to be - I'm just trying to figure out how I am going to use this site for me and what I will get out of it.

Work was a bit of a drag today.  I feel like I have been telling my bosses for a long time that I want to do something different and it sounds like they are hearing me - especially when I started actively looking outside of the firm - some discussions were had and it sounded like the opportunity was there to explore and expand what I do.

Today, it's just more of the same and of course I'll do what I have to do cause ultimately it's work but I have a bit of a milestone birthday coming up and I just figure that it's not about chasing the salary increase, or that next promotion point - now it's about chasing the passion and getting to do work that makes a difference to the people around me - I want to do exciting challenging things that makes me work my brain and solve complex - and more importantly - INTERESTING - problems.

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