Scattered Polaroids

By sp

I had a terrible night’s sleep and woke up potennnnntially still a tiny bit drunk from my “Christmas” party last night. Oops.

Still, we were on the way to Cornwall at 8.30, on a tiny 2 carriage train that stopped everywhere - it took us 4 hours to get to St Austell where we’re staying.

We had some lunch and the coffee I’d needed since we got on the train, then walked to Charlestown. It’s very pretty and we saw SO many dogs. I wanted these ones (and there was actually a fourth just out of shot!)

It was woolly hat weather but we had ice creams because we were by the sea and they were delicious - mine was caramel & sea salt, G’s was plum, orange & dark chocolate almond.

Checked into our Airbnb in the afternoon and Graham had a nap, then we went out for dinner in town. Home to watch a film and drink the wine they’d left us in the fridge.

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