Through the kitchen window

As I took this through the kitchen window over the sink, it means it is also taken through a screen.  With 2.75" of rainfall today, I wasn't in a hurry to go outside!

I put my day to good use my going through all my clothes.  I went through my dresser, my closet, the coat closet and the closet in the spare room - anywhere I had clothes.  If I hadn't worn it in 12 months, then out it came. I put these items in a container and took them next-door for Runyon's daughter, Mary, to go through.  There were a couple of things that I put in the trash (rubbish).  After Mary has taken her pick, I will take the clothes to The Salvation Army.

I straightened up and reorganized my dresser drawers and sorted everything hanging in my closet.  I'm sure I will tweek things a bit over the next few days but feeling accomplished right now. 

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