Ah...... you didn’t!!!!!

Today I had the great pleasure of helping one of my PT buddies.  She had an appt in Ocala, and we were meeting for a late lunch, early dinner.  Becky was breathless when she got to the restaurant.  Her MD wants her to show up for a sleep study tonight, at 7:30. (It's 3:pm now).  She lives an hour away, in heavy afternoon traffic, north.  Then she has to turn around and  get back here to Ocala (an hour away, in heavy commuter traffic) no later than 7:30 pm.  She couldn't see how she would make the turn around, in time, in traffic, coming into Ocala in the dark.
    I invited her to stay with me, have a cup of tea, we could go to a store and get her pajamas, fill out her paper work, breath, and I would get her to the sleep study in a relaxed, comfortable way.  I will get up at 4:45 to pick her up at 5:30 (the patients have to leave by then so the equipment and facilities can be cleaned and sterilized for the next night's pt's).  
   After I get her, we will go to IHOP for breakfast and then come back to my villa while I wait for an inspector to come, (any time, all day....)  and Becky's husband waits for a furniture delivery at their house (in Gainesville) between 10 and 12 pm.  Then he will drive down to get her.  
    It really feels good to be their to help a friend who needs a hand and is frazziled.  Becky was happy, Johnny was happy and I am happy, and we get to eat breakfast out, to boot!   Now I call that a win/win/win situation!

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