Through the woodland

This afternoon I went for a walk at Ifton Meadows Nature Reserve.  While I was putting on my boots I heard a woman's voice calling dogs. In no time I was surrounded by four terriers that were yapping at me. A couple of walkers went along the road and they rushed over and were barking at them. The man had a different technique to me (I ignored them) and was shouting at them.  The woman continually called them but they ignored her. She eventually got them in the car (not on leads of course, even though the car park's on a road). They were totally out of control. 

I got a good look at the woman as she got in the car and recognised her - I used to teach her son at the local school and his behaviour was dreadful. It's strange that son and dogs had behaviour issues especially as I remember her as a very assertive woman!

I seem to have a problem with dogs at that reserve - last time I was there I trod in dog mess.

It was good to get out and have a walk even though it was a cold and grey day.

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