Journey Through Time

By Sue

Red Tailed Hawk

I'm going to feature this hawk, because instead of just sitting in the tree staring out at the landscape or giving us the evil eye, this one DID SOMETHING!  It stretched out it's tail feathers!  It moved!  And I was there to record it.  So, there ya go.  Bill and I got to see some fun stuff at Ridgefield NWR for a change.  Well, there is usually at least one thing of interest, but it's been so quiet the last few visits, so today was a treat.  Geese were flying!  Ducks were swimming.  We saw several raptors..eagles, hawks and kestrals probably, out in the grass and much too far for me to get a photo of them.  We saw this one on a tree by the road and got a pretty good show, then it moved to another tree and we followed, but the photos weren't great as it was further away.  Then a hawk landed on a sign out in the open area of the refuge and that darn thing stayed put for the longest time.  There was a car ahead of us right even with the sign and we were right behind that car.  My photos aren't too bad, but I was not at the best angle from our car window and it was hard to keep the camera steady.  But you are certainly welcome to visit my Flickr page and check out my photos. I'm always happy to receive guests there. 
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