Lone Lamp

Today we walked the length of Funchal - from west to east - and back again, stopping to top up with provisions - including a visit to the wonderful cake shop, where we spent over five euros on fattening deliciousness!

At the far end of our walk, we were pleased to see building work going on, restoring a beautiful, big, old house that had fallen into dilapidation. Had learned in Orchid99's journal some months ago that restoration had begun, but good to see it with our own eyes.

The walk was a test of Mr PP's hip resilience, and we just about hit its limit. It, too, is in need of restoration, so our walks together will be limited on this trip. Fortunately, we enjoy mooching, too. And drinking Madeiran wine, of course. Oh, and the cakes didn't disappoint!

My picture today is the second in my new occasional series of letters of the alphabet. It began last week with letter V. This simple street lamp represents the letter I.

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